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A voice based gaming portal where you can play & win assured prizes...
1. Manoranjan Quiz
2. Lucky Seven
3. Majority Wins.

We bring voice based regional service where you know the colors of India...

Share your feelings & problems with experts and get solutions...

Enjoy your favorite songs, Create your channels.....

An effort to reach closer to GOD --- the supreme power, through the many ways known to mankind.


Mitti Ke Rang

We bring voice based regional service where you know the colors of India.

India stands for its incredible culture, spectacular forts & places, great traditions and rituals. Be it the people, lifestyle or the mystical charm- India has always amazed the world with her uniqueness.
Mitti Ke Rang,as the name suggests, is an attempt to highlight various aspects and achievements of India and its people, that too in 16 different languages.

In MKR we try to connect our customers to their local culture. With small clips of information about the state's History and tourist places,music having the options of local music ,festival music and the filmi music,jokes ,to connect with god in devotional zone we have ishwar upasana and guru vani and in the next section we have stories and plays.The listeners can dedicate the clips or songs to the various people or download the ringtones They can also create their own folder myzone in which they can store their favourite songs and clips.