Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19
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miVAS Products

In MKR we try to connect our customers to their local culture. With small clips of information about the state's History and tourist places,music having the options of local music ,festival music and the filmi music,jokes ,to connect with god in devotional zone we have ishwar upasana and guru vani and in the next section we have stories and plays. The listeners can dedicate the clips or songs to the various people or download the ringtones They can also create their own folder myzone in which they can store their favourite songs and clips. Read More>>

In KKM we provide some fun Games which the listeners can play for entertainment and the listeners with most number of points win prizes. In this we provide three Games: Read More>>

mi Feelings is a web based service where users can share their feelings & problems, and get instant solutions by people around the world and by experts also.Read More>>

My Music Station is a one touch access to all types of songs. User can create his own channels and listen songs from the channels created by other users also. There are various song categories which user can access as per his mood. Read More>>

Gyan sagar is a Devotional Subscription service allows its users to listen to full length of all the devotional songs and can know about the religious scripts, mythology, teachings from the sacred books like Geeta,Ramayan,Quran, Guru granth sahib & Bible and much more one just needs to click a few buttons to have a complete religious or spiritual experience of different religions that will purify their soul ,Also it’s a multilingual service available in 16 languages. Read More>>