Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19

Customer Service


Support Whenever and Wherever You Need

The network is the foundation of the service provider's business and it must always be operational. To ensure full support, miVAS's support team is available 24x7. miVAS's comprehensive support packages offer customers the right to software upgrades, product enhancements and the latest technology. miVAS also provides access to unparalleled technical problem-solving expertise, which can help operators meet the performance requirements for their business.

Expect the Best

Access to best of breed technologies, industry best practices, and new features of licensed software

Always on Support

It is impossible to predict when support will be needed. miVAS's support team is at your disposal 24x7

Offload Maintenance

Operators need to focus on running their business whilst miVAS will focus on running the software. Our customers only need to report the issue and the deadline, and our support team will do the rest.