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A voice based gaming portal where you can play & win assured prizes...
1. Manoranjan Quiz
2. Lucky Seven
3. Majority Wins.

We bring voice based regional service where you know the colors of India...

Share your feelings & problems with experts and get solutions...

Enjoy your favorite songs, Create your channels.....

An effort to reach closer to GOD --- the supreme power, through the many ways known to mankind.


Khel Khel Mein

A voice based gaming portal where you can play & win assured prizes.

Manoranjan Quiz

This is the sports quiz in which the listeners can test their sports knowledge.

Lucky Seven

In lucky seven the listeners have to select one of the three category of number. The number could be less than 7 or equal to 7 or greater than 7. If the randomly selected number by the computer falls in category selected by the listeners then point are alloted.

Majority Wins

The Majority Wins is very interesting game in which series of question are asked to the listeners. If the answer matches with the answer given by majority of listeners in the past then they gain points. In this way the answer which was correct one time could not be correct next time.