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A voice based gaming portal where you can play & win assured prizes...
1. Manoranjan Quiz
2. Lucky Seven
3. Majority Wins.

We bring voice based regional service where you know the colors of India...

Share your feelings & problems with experts and get solutions...

Enjoy your favorite songs, Create your channels.....

An effort to reach closer to GOD --- the supreme power, through the many ways known to mankind.


Mi Feelings

Share your feelings & problems with experts and get solutions.

Are you stressed in examtime? Are you facing homesickness when away from home? Are you facing relationship problems? Are you facing problem in selecting your carrier? Are you facing problems within your family?

Please post your problems on mifeelings and get the solutions from the experts or from the people who suffered from such problem and resolved there problems.You can view the problems & solution of similar problems you are facing.

So join with us and say bye bye to all your problems you facing in your daily life!