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A voice based gaming portal where you can play & win assured prizes...
1. Manoranjan Quiz
2. Lucky Seven
3. Majority Wins.

We bring voice based regional service where you know the colors of India...

Share your feelings & problems with experts and get solutions...

Enjoy your favorite songs, Create your channels.....

An effort to reach closer to GOD --- the supreme power, through the many ways known to mankind.


About miVAS

Understanding the customer, Ingenuity with intelligence are Qualities that are common across our lines of Business.

Your quest for a one-stop shop for VAS ends here!

miVAS vision is to be a technology integrator aimed at the enablement of human need fulfillment over mobile device. The anytime, anywhere mantra associated with mobile communication device is leveraged to ensure that our products and services deliver the expected when it is needed the most. miVAS, as a business, is operating in the Wireless Applications space, developing new applications and wireless-enabling existing ones. M Converge Services Pvt. Ltd. is a key player in the mobile VAS space, focused on developing and deploying VAS solutions and applications for media, operators and enterprises across the India.

mi VAS specializes in end-to-end enabling of solutions with managed services which bring together content, technology and device expertise to ensure an enhanced digital experience to customers of telcos, media houses and enterprises. With key offerings in IVR, SMS & WAP, its an Innovation centre which showcases market driven, innovative applications along with an inventive team of professionals, forever geared up to deliver cutting edge technologies in an ever changing VAS landscape.

We serve multiple domains in Media, Telecomunications and Enterprises offering innovative solutions in messaging, content, and data bringing to the market a broad bouquet of rich content & creative applications. We endeavor to increase our stake holder’s value and maximize customer satisfaction by adhering to quality standards in the technologies, products and services that we deliver and will strive to continually improve the quality of our solutions.